S    C    U    L    P    T    U    R    E

      Artur Wochniak, a sculptor, was born on 20th April 1973 in Lubin (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). He graduated from The National Plastic Arts High School in Zielona Góra. In the years 1993-98 he studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań on painting, graphics and sculpture faculty and received a very good grade for his sculpture diploma under the supervision of prof. Józef Kopczyński.
     After the graduation he returned to Zielona Góra (1999). There he was a teacher in the Artistic High School for six years, where he taught sculpture, design basis and lettering. Now, he is a board member of all-Poland Sculpture Section at the Polish Visual Artists Union. Apart from that, he takes part in the plastic group “betweenus” and is a Member of Zielonogóra’s District ZPAP.
    At present Wochniak has been occupied mainly with sculpture, small and monumental one. Aside from that, he has been a graphic artist and designer, stage and interior designer and a painter.
    His most prestige and most famous, at the same time, sculpture is Kwadryga (Braunschweiger Quadriga), which is the biggest one in Europe. The sculpture can be seen in Brunszwik in Schloss-Arkaden. It was sculptured on the basis of Ernest Rietschel’s models from 1863.